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Oliver Evans' Non-condensing High Pressure Stationary Steam Engine

In 1803, visitors to Evans' Philadelphia workshop were witness to a non-condensing high pressure steam-powered engine.

The stationary engine that could drive 12 saws through a hundred feet of marble in a 12 hour period. Unlike the low-pressure steam engines of the day, Evans's machine was portable. A portable engine could power a wagon to transport 100 barrels of flour from Lancaster to Philadelphia in two days instead of three, tripling profits. 

Mars Iron Works

Evans founded Mars Iron Works. In 1807 working for the Philadelphia Board of Health, Evans built the United States' first steam river dredge, the Orukter Amphibolos. The "Amphibious Digger" was a strange but powerful machine which doubled as both the first automobile and the first amphibious vehicle.

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