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AGA Developers Logo

AGA Developers, a boutique builder in Philadelphia, wanted to make a bold statement by taking their brand message to the streets—literally. 4x3, which designed the firm's eye-catching logo, produced a transparent, wind-proof banner to advertise AGA's Frankford Square development in Fishtown (which, incidentially, came through the winter of 2013-14 with flying colors).

Business Branding: Signage and Banners

Whatever your branding challenge, 4x3 offers solutions customized to your specific business and marketing needs. 

AGA's Comprehensive Branding Architecture

AGA Developers, a boutique builder, has seen great success with high-end residential and commercial developments in fashionable Philadelphia neighborhoods. In addition to designing and building AGA Developer’s main website, 4x3 has created three micro sites, South Square,Frankford Square and Trenton Stables. We also created a branding identity for AGA, , sub-branding for South Squaresub-branding for Frankford Square and sub-branding for Trenton Stables.